Is Monsanto's Corn Destroying Your Internal Organs?


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Great article Anthony. Thanks again for getting out front on this issue (ie your LRC comment on Food Inc.). For others interested who've not seen and want more background, I recommend the movies "The World According To Monsanto" and "Food Inc" and view in that order because IMO it builds on itself. Both movies are available on the internet with "TWATM" being available on Google video and "Food Inc" available at Top Documentary Films website. Food Inc. may be on Google too but I've not looked.

Having seen Food Inc. at the movie theater, it was interesting afterwards as people gathered to talk in the parking lot and it gave a wonderful opportunity to cause people to think that we have the corporate monsters not because of the "free market" but we have them because we don't have a true "free market."

This also ties in well with many points made in the other article today on STR "Left & Right Against the Empire." When I listened and agreed with many on corporate abuse, they in turn listened and considered my points about how a true free market would offer a true people driven roadblock to such corporate hegemony. Even thought this was before the Obama election and many were planning on voting that way (I was unable to convince them of alternatives ie not voting) many did admit they weren't sure how well voting Obama would work out in the end. I'd love to talk with them now!