The Fundamental Unreliability of America's Media


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Did Greenwald write stuff like this when Bush was in office? Just askin'. LRC features this guy a lot as some kind of libertarian Democrat but why it does just baffles me.

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I've listened to several interviews that Scott Horton has done with Glen Greenwald. While he's not a libertarian, he is consistently anti-war and I think we would probably agree that war is one of the worst of all govt programs. Greenwald is very knowledgeable and does a good job of fact-checking and exposing lies told by the administration. He is very good at explaining the legal arguments and their flaws. Although he was hopeful Obama would be better than Bush, I think he's been very good at admitting that Obama is heading down the same path as Bush at least when it comes to war and civil liberties and contempt for constitutional protections.