D.C. Cops Can Arrest You for Carrying More Than Two Condoms


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This is an interesting article and apparently at least some DC Cops have attempted to use possession of multiple condoms as evidence of prostitution. However, the best thing about the article is a comment from one posters who did his homework and found that this is apparently not an official policy as one might infer from the article. It demonstrates why skepticism is so important when you hear something outlandish. (However many of the things especially regarding the police that I might once have thought were outlandish, occur so regularly and are so well-documented that I just consider them commonplace and a symptom of a growing police state).

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Greg - Good observation. I did read the D.C. statute on prostitution-free zones, and you are correct. There is no provision that demands arrest of those who exceed the two condom limit.

However, like many arbitrary laws - particularly those that are implemented to control voluntary behavior between consenting adults - it makes for interesting reading.

For example, this passage regarding enforcement of the law:

"If two or more persons are in violation of the Prostitution Free Zone law, they first will be informed by an officer that they are in a Prostitution Free Zone, and that they should disperse and depart within a reasonable time frame before any arrests are made."

Presumably, they are free to leave the 'Prostitution Free Zone' and engage in their amoral behavior in a zone that is not designated as 'Prostitution Free'.

Nonetheless, I wonder if D.C. bureaucrats realize that if prostitution was legalized, the 'health and safety of residents' would no longer be 'endangered', as there would be no streetwalkers prowling for customers.