Affirmative Action's Bluff Gone Bad


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Affirmative action has two purposes:

1) Under false pretexts of "fairness". Historically and politically, "might is right" pretexts for power have been refuted and rejected. Then, power claimed to be "helping". Oops, USSR collapsed, socialist "helping" is disincentive against productivity by altering motivational economics of choice away from contribution to entitlements. Collapses civilization. New pretext: survival of civilization from "terrorists" who have been provoked. AGW (mammoth resource grab) just refuted.

The law will NOT maintain balance of power (and therefore peace) by treating us all "equally, in terms of rights and responsibilities". They feed and collect our power from the conflict inequality under law creates (the Nazi final solution, generalized). Affirmative action is just one example.

2) In the area of promotions and merit (having competent educators / choosers), affirmative action is FATAL. It places the less competent in control, part of the general war on intelligence (the greatest and most dangerous enemies of arbitrary power and tyrants).

This is also the script according to Machiavelli (strategically denied bible of arbitrary power – politics):

Machiavelli Paraphrased: “Arbitrary power can get away with ANYTHING, so long as it appears “necessary” to intellectually crippled populations (falsely framed arguments, based on lies for input facts, flogged by corrupt experts, shilling and prostituting their academic degrees for power, blind trust of populace, a social disease and mental illness I call “expertitus”) . In essence, all such arguments are a house of cards, false assumptions built upon false assumptions, the false equating of speculation to REALITY.”

The is the exact same algorithm used to rationalize the initiation of aggression against Iraq, a war crime. The same false “argument” is being carefully constricted against Iran. Embargo, the first step of war, initiated.

With the discrediting of socialism, all pretexts regarding slavery of the productive to “help the unfortunate” (who adapt to dependency, collapsing civilization) have been replaced by pretexts “to avoid terror” such as necessity for preemptive justice, war or “save the environment” (AGW fraud, etc).

In these false arguments, the “bad guys” always have something to steal. The “good guys” are those who intend to profit by the thievery.

The "bad guys" are the civilized, the "good guys" are barbarians. We are in the thick of the "war on us".