New Yorkers Face 'Downward Mobility'


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    Without cities, there is no state; with no state, there exists no cities.

States and cities are imaginary -- illusions. Borders are fictitious lines in the sand. State does not exist. Only agents claiming to BE state exist.

But they are dangerously armed. I always believe a man with a loaded gun.


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States, cities, crews, bands, marriages, pods, troops, and other social relationships are not fictions. All primates, and all mammals, most vertebrates, are social animals.

It's just a silly semantic game to say social relationships do not exist in any specie.

You're rebelling against the State because agricultural city-Statism (civilization) forces egalitarian-evolved humans into a hierarchical Mass Society to which less completely domesticated humans like you (that's a compliment, Sam) are poorly adapted.

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OK, Indian. I'll agree that over the years I've felt compelled to engage in "semantic game" of a sort to become free in my head. As a matter of fact that was what was required, I think, to finally break through and declare myself as "...a sovereign state.."

States exist. They have borders. They have armed and often psychotic gendarmes to enforce the borders they have chalked out for themselves. Now the white man in this part of the world (referred to as "The U S") has taken it upon himself to build a gigantic (and laughable) fence down in my neck of the woods -- typically encroaching upon property "rights" (as though anybody had such things as "rights") and dozing across "private" ranches to build the fool thing -- to impress the masses that he is "taking action" (ha ha ha). Poor soul(s). "Get-Out-The-Vote!"

I am a sovereign state. I have borders. My border enforcers are not psychotic and they are not armed, but those internal border guards do exist. They will react decisively when and if one tries to cross my borders without my explicit permission.

But I quit "...rebelling against the State..." once I saw the light to declare sovereignty. I recognize the advisability to live in peace with the "family of nations" that surrounds me. Like the folks in a place called Switzerland, I have no need to be at war with the individuals of any other nation. I'll agree with Dr. Paul on that score -- why go to war when you need to make ends meet at home?

And I do appreciate the compliment(s).