New York Is The Least Free State, Study Finds


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"Vote with their feet" and go where, to a State only marginally more free?

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I grew up in Central New York. They have had a housing bust since the 90s. Big, gorgeous, old, wooden houses going for $35,000. Everybody's leaving.

Raise taxes and businesses leave.
Businesses leave and people leave with them.
People leave empty houses that they're desperate to get rid of.
If I were rich, I'd move back to Central New York in a heartbeat. Cheap, big, gorgeous, old, wooden houses.

Very sad. Sadder still, everybody still clings to government, which is why they'll get more of the same.

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Sorens invited me to work on this study since I had helped expand the Free State Project spreadsheet, but I declined because I had other priorities. Also, I had come to the conclusion (though I really like spreadsheet work) that spreadsheets don't come close to giving you the whole picture.

It's pretty amusing Sorens lives in the state that placed last in his study.