Never Give a Nickel to the American Red Cross


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One big thing I like about not being a corporate employee any more is no longer attending the twice a year meeting where we'd all get mugged by United Way and the other mega charities while our bosses held us down. Red Cross was the worst of all cuz they wanted money and blood, as in the literal blood from out of our veins. 

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The issue is collectivism vs individualism. The larger any entity becomes, the greater the bureaucracy and the more virulent grows the loss of efficiency and efficacy. I think Henry Ford was one of the first to make that observation (or to be quoted with it).

And, of course, all the larger "non-profits" are engendered and held together and nurtured by the greatest "non-profit" of them all -- that brainless, mindless abstraction called "government" -- the lunatics who make it up and presume to define "non-profit". The obfuscation "non-profit" is a mirage created by those thieves. Because every entity (especially your own household) must take in more than it spends, no matter what you call it. The idea of "profit" must be maligned for the state to remain ecclesiastic in the minds of the hoi polloi.

So it is no wonder that administrators of Red Cross and especially United Way are so clumsy and destructive at "do-gooding", yet rake in unbelievably large salaries for all their officials. That's why it is so important that people like us maintain the attitude "...I'm more important to you than you are to me..." when it comes to the job marketplace: I am the seller, you (the one "offering" the job) are the buyer. I am an important factor in your supply chain. Don't scam me -- it's not worth it to you. When and if I give, only I shall know about it. So lay off that coercive "United Way" business.

Call this a side note if you will, but here at STR many get all wigged out over the "religion" business. But on the other hand, sometimes you can play the "religion" card to your advantage. This could be one -- on how to deal with "employers" when they hit you up for those coercive "contributions". Tell 'em your religion forbids it. Sam