The Myth of Cushy Prisons


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This article could have been shorter if you just wrote "Nowhere where people are routinely raped with impunity is 'cushy' ".

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I've never been in prison, but I did spend 6 months in the Yavapai County (Arizona) jail. Four cells with 5 beds each held a minmum of 30, at times up to 50, women, which meant at any given time there were at least 10 sleeping on the floor. On average, about half of county inmates are in jail for victimless drug law violations, and what passes for a medical staff refuses to touch or otherwise help people who use drugs. Unless, of course, the drugs are the ones THEY hand out like candy at Halloween -- in 6 months, in one dorm in one jail in one county in one state, 3 inmates were taken to the hospital after being overdosed with psych meds by the so-called "medical staff." Two never came back.