The Muslims Are Coming!


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Although the article is well researched and professionally written I have to disagree on some points.

Although she cites only 2 incidents in which illegal aliens, crossing the border from Mexico into America, have caused somewhat of a "stir" in America(the Hezbollah fund raising incident involving Mahmoud Youssef Kourani), she does not cite the second in this article.

Just a quick glance on some relevant sites and you can find the Fort Hood shootings(Nadal Hassan), or the numerous Afghans AWOL from the Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas:

What about the woman attempting to use incendiary devices(also in Texas), of which were never detonated?

Is she attempting to portray all of the evidence against her statement(opinion) as false? What about the individual attempting to bomb a skyscraper in Dallas?

What about this bit of information?

I admit that simply saying that you'll attempt to bomb American cities does not equal human rights violations, but at what point do we attempt to protect ourselves from these threats without succombing to an outright police state(of which we already are, if you've read anything Will Grigg has written)? That is not an endorsement of law enforcement as much as it is an endorsement of private protection enforcement.

And, for the record, the amount of illegals from those that the government claims sponsor terrorism does not relate to the amount of damage inflicted upon those that are completely innocent by way of tolerance(one person armed with only one gun can only kill as many people that will be allowed from the amount of bullets loaded or supplied within that gun). I argue that such toleration can be damaging.

Also, when Govenor Brewer claimed that it was possible that illegal alien terrorists could potentially cross the border to inflict damage, didn't it stand to reason that such an outright acceptance of that possibility would have alarmed the public even further? Could it have been possible she was simply protecting her constituents from fear mongering and endangering, not just those citizens, but those who were in the state legally?

Not all areas of this threat have been properly scrutinized, I do agree there, but who do we trust to investigate such matters? Those that are opposed to war(simply on the basis that it is war), those who've dealt with such atrocious nature and have garnered the ability to disclose it's underlying efforts within our society, or the current administration and their "hope and change" system?

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Althought there is fear mongering about the right(what with all the neo-cons about), evidently, there are still some significantly interesting developments regarding America and it's "war on terror" model.

Such as Nadal Hassan(killing innocents in the military doesn't deserve credibility when it's perpetrated by an Islamic?). Or the individual accused of attempting to bomb a skyscraper(in Dallas, also Islamic)? How about the 2 people, in Texas also, of garnering incendiary devices for the purpose of killing scores of individuals? Then there's the several, or more, Afghan military members who are now AWOL from Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio(apparantly aided by illegal aliens living about the area outside the base).

I do agree that moving in the direction of a totalitarian police state is not what is needed to address this issue. However, who's to be trusted with our safety and security if we are not allowed to view the evidence that purports to help us protect ourselves from deception when noone recognizes that it is not just our foreign policy that provokes this resentment but also our values regarding freedom of the individual.

Islam does not identify with our liberty minded cause, it is subjugation, supression, usurpation that this religion identifies with. Until a greater translation of the suras are made available to the public, without interference from special interest groups, we cannot say for certain what those who practice Islam are attempting to engrain within our society at the behest of their God.