Mr. Obama, Tear Down This Government


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Mr. Obama is doing a wonderful job of tearing down this government, the problem is, most people can't see his work for what it is. Currently public mistrust of the US government is at an all time high. People are talking about the US Government being out of control everywhere I go. This was not happening 15 years ago or more. Obama's role is to show us exactly what horrors government is capable of, and keep the mistrust growing, for this is a necessary step toward a voluntary society without coercive governments. People have to get fed up with the institution of government before they will abolish it, and Mr. Obama is doing a wonderful job.
Now if Ron Paul had been elected, he would build trust in government, and get more people to participate in it, so whether he realizes his role or not, Obama is moving society toward freedom.

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Interesting perspective, but it does not substantiate the idea that "moving society toward freedom". It just as well may become a tyranny.