More public school insanity


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According to this article, "individual responsibility and personal freedom are becoming a thing of the past" in public schools. Gee, I wonder what rock these people just crawled out from under? Personal freedom has never, as far back as I remember, existed within the confines of public schools, and with the coming of the random drug test, whatever freedom kids had out of school disappeared as well. As for "individual responsibility," you have only to scroll down their website to "Big pharm freebies turning medical students into drug pushers" to understand that these people's definition is very narrow indeed.

The saying "freedom isn't free" is usually understood to refer to the sacrifices of those who fight. But there's another cost of freedom, one that everyone who would be free must pay -- you have to allow others to be free, too. Unfortunately, the food freedom lobby seem unable to see, or unwilling to admit, the connection between their freedom and mine.