More Evidence That Vaccines Cause Autism


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This bullshit has been debunked for a long time now. The "vaccines cause autism" crowd has now taken their place among the rest of the sad assortment of anti-modernists. Welcome to the gang: Flat earthers, creationists, Elvis lives, JFK murder conspiracies, 911 truthers, UFO-ologists, just to name but a few. And if these dumbasses are really willing to subject themselves to the deadly consequences of polio, and other deadly virus vectored diseases please, let's encourage it. The sooner the ignorant bastards die off the better IMO.

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Whenever I hear someone use the term "debunked" I wonder if they have a clue as to who might be the debunker, and who would be the debunkee.

I know this: I ceased cow-towing to the parasites who chirp the vaccination slogans ("have you had 'your' tetanus shot?" -- Why they feel it's a better sale by using the second person possessive I know not). Last shot(s) I had was in the military 60 years ago and I almost died from them. I got kicked out of an emergency room for refusing to dutifully take "my" tetanus shot -- then two docs got into almost a fist-cuff and the second one took me back in and sutured my injury.

Of my 7 kids, only 2 are "believers" and force their children to have "their" shots. The other 5 have had various confrontations with those who believe everybody should be vaccinated (under threat of violence). If one of my grandchildren even has a sniffle in the presence of sociopaths who push coerced inoculations the parents understand they will face dire consequences from the governmentalists/medicalists/pharmacologists and their czars. But that's a risk they're willing to take for health and freedom. They're homeschoolers, so aren't as egregiously exposed to enforced medicine; but there are always some who try to enforce their will upon others (even though logic would tell you that if the enforcers are "immunized" they shouldn't have a worry in the world from exposure to my grandchildren. Logic doesn't fit that school of thought).

I did become immunized once, I should add. I carelessly let myself get snakebit and my arm and neck swelled up to the size of my leg. But the doc afterward told me I was now immune from snake bites almost killing me.

So all immunizations ain't bad. Just the enforced ones, and it's hard to argue with rattlers. I just leave 'em be.


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The point I tried to make is that there is no reliable scientific evidence linking autism and vaccines. Lancet (the English medical journal that started all this BS in 1998) retracted their article publicly some time ago.

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There is no reliable scientific evidence showing that vaccines work, much less do more good than harm. The pharma-state complex has done a masterful job selling the myth of drugs and vaccines while capturing fully its state regulatory bureaucracy. Don't show me government statistics rigged to tell you what they want you think. I mean a real scientific study. Isn't one.

The Polio Vaccine promotion was a very successful scam. By first expanding and then contracting the definition of polio (changing the names of similar inflictions), these slick shysters make billions while herding generations of children through their shot mills; the harm done was swept under the rug.

Blasting babies, with weak developing immune systems, all at once full of poisons is criminal.

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Although I'm not an ardent fan of Mercola, here's a link from his website quoting an article you won't find a trace of in mainstream media:


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From Dr. Mercola's article:

    "...I strongly urge you to invest the time to educate yourself about the potential benefits and risks of each vaccine prior to vaccination, and to make educated decisions based on what you conclude is likely to be the best course of action for your child..."

As I attempted to analogize from my experience some years ago:

    "...vaccinations are a lot like snake bites. If you survive the snake bite you may have developed an immunity from venom poisoning. But you'll probably never know for sure, because the learning experience you gained from the snake bite will have taught you to stay out of the woods without snake boots, and you'll never stick your hands into places you can't see clearly."

In that sense we might conclude that vaccinations might work, or they might not work. We'll never know for certain. Sam