MMA's Best-Known Anarchist Sticking to His Guns for Strikeforce Debut


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Kudos to Mr. Monson. He concerns himself less in his role as the as prize fighter and more that of the Martial Artist. Peace advocacy and civil disobedience, thank you very much sir.
The government is engaging in illegal warfare. An anarchist recognizes no higher authority than their own conscience. Engaging in non-consensual combat violates the warrior’s code. It is nice to see someone who claims to be a fighter showing a little personal courage and self sacrifice and saying and doing something to oppose this
Thomas Paine called his pamphlet “Common Sense” because anarchy .is simple. Two things are called to question, “social hierarchy and social injustice”. When Mr. Munson says these killers are not his leaders and that they should stop murdering people, he sounds very much the humanitarian to me.
I have grown old as a practitioner and disciple of the Art. The Art as I know it is a path of personal development comprised of a trinity made up of the body, mind and spirit. Part of that training is self-defense, assuming responsibility for protecting the temple that houses your spirit. Rather than spectator sport, the emphasis is on the reality that a man must stomp his own snakes.
Mr. Munson has his priorities right. Tournament play can be fun and prizefighting a more honesty way to make a buck than many but that is not where you will find as the song says “the fight of my life”. A man known by the strength of his rhetoric and when Mr. Munson calls for peace he is saying the right thing. He then does something about what he says. He says what he means and he does what he says. Life is simple. Once again thank you very much.
I rarely watched MMA but I’ll be checking the schedule and viewing to support Jeff Monson. I’m calling and emailing my friends, family and fellow martial artist asking them to do the same. Fight the good fight.

Best regards,

Master Ellison