Mexico's Largest Marijuana Plantation


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"...President Felipe Calderon has deployed tens of thousands of troops to the streets to take on powerful drug traffickers shortly after taking office in late 2006.

"Violence has spiraled since then, with more than 40,000 people killed across Mexico, hurting support for Calderon’s conservative National Action Party (PAN), which faces an uphill struggle to secure re-election next July.

"Mexico is America’s top supplier of marijuana and most cocaine consumed in the United States passes through Mexico..."
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Tell me, friends. With the example of 40,000 people killed across the land area referred to as "Mexico", and Calderon's primary concern being how those deaths might affect his re-election chances, would it not appear rational for agents of state in this area (read: "U.S. of A") to stop this carnage, allow Walgreens and other "free" marketers to sell the products agents of state deign to prohibit their subjects from ingesting, and end the drug "war"?


If you haven't read "Insanity As The Social Norm" ( ) and you would really like to cut through the bullshit and understand WHY the white man has no intention of ending this or any other violence (his "wars" and his "swat" attacks against random citizens) or his "police state" stance, I urge you to set aside half a day and filter your way through it. Delmar England -- even though the essay needs some "trimming" in the way of grammar, syntax, punctuation, etc --will help you see clearly the fact that the drug "war" (like all his "wars") is religion to The Man.

And religion equates to power -- throughout all human history.

Just like priests understand that a certain percentage of the flock will always file obediently into their "services" as long as ritual and liturgy are upheld keeping "the church" strong and canonical; the white man understands there will always remain enough sheep who will "register" with him and docily promenade to "the polls". That keeps The Great White Father legitimatized and commanding.

Drug Wars, Death Penalty, Wars against "terror" are absolutely essential in order to keep them cards and letters comin' in. Sam.