Mexican Foreign Minister Calls on U.S. Gov to Disarm Its Citizens


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Foreign elites say shit like this and then wonder about what Trump's appeal to ordinary people is? Go figure?

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Obomba has been a huge colossal success. Every time he demonized guns,sales shot through the roof. They want everyone armed to the teeth, more bloodletting,more meat for the stew.That is what drones are for.

That is why violent murderers get two-year prison sentences and non-violent drug offenses get minimum mandatory ten years+. This serves at least two purposes:

1) The non-violent offender will be a hardened criminal after institutional punishment.Prisons teach how to be better criminals.

2) The violent murderer will be back on the streets plying his criminal trade in short order.
This is planned.

The more real crime,The cry from the victims for more laws.The need for more laws means more police. More police,more taxes, and more prisons. More prisons = better criminals.

Governments purposely cultivate social crises, Thereby legitimizing the need for mo-better government in the minds of the Stockholm syndrome victims. Few take the step back to see the disease is masquerading as the cure.

If you get a chance check out the documentary called Cartel Land, on a scale of one to ten it gets an eleven!

Mexico is a constitutional Republic! HAHA! With their own right to bear arms and the truth that all political power comes from the people. SEARCH = Mexico's constitution.

Cartel Land is a documentary that highlights the drug cartels takeover of the government and military and how the victims are finally fighting back,by arming themselves and the dirty tricks used to divide and conquer the popular uprising of the Auto-defenses.

Assassination attempts,kidnapping,infiltration and what ultimately happens when the knights Templar cartel(CIA) empties it's Blackbag of dirty tricks unto the Doctor who initiated the popular rebellion.

This is a MUST SEE!

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"Problem + Reaction + Solution" (I'm not necessarily a David Icke fan, but he describes it well in this short video):

If you google "Cartel Land documentary youtube" there are a number of "hits", one or more of which might let you see the entire thing for free online.

But this is a good post, Crusade. It's always nice to see you back. Few truly want to see the nature of the state for what it really is: Mystification, Superstition -- Religion. Violent religion.

Today is "Super Sunday" for me (I work 2 jobs -- 7AM to 10PM every Sunday. Lots for an 81 year-old, but need the bike rides to stay young and healthy).

I'll try to watch "Cartel Land Wednesday - Saturday, the only times I'm actually "retired".