Merkel To Pay Millions To Get Unwanted Migrants To Leave Germany


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Poor taxpayers. Pay to let them in pay to get them out. With no visible means of support, why were any of them (women children & injured excepted) allowed in? Able-bodied uninjured single men aren't refugees.

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There's been something fishy about this whole saga. For half a century, Germans have welcomed Turks as Gastarbeiter, temporary workers to make good a shortage of labor. When Merkel rolled out the mat for these refugees, who had been holed up in Turkey, I supposed it was an extension of the same program; and yet they were left to make a harrowing journey on foot instead of booking tickets on Lufthansa or Turkish Airlines. If they were welcome, why didn't the German consul in Istanbul issue visas? And by the way, why were they unable to stay in Turkey, where the climate and culture suits them so much better?
Now that the mat is being rolled up again, $100 million would buy a lot of tickets; what's the problem? - it's nearly $600 per unwanted refugee. At that rate it should be pretty easy to charter some planes - or trains, by dusting off the Orient Express - to take them back to whence they came.
Or is it that the Turkish government will not take them?

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It's far easier to draw people into a nice clean well ordered nation like Germany is. Esp if it's got generous welfare benefits like she does. Why would they ever want to go back to home to their African or middle eastern shit holes? And it's why govs shouldn't trawl for migrants.