Media Blames Libertarians For Casey Anthony Verdict


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Well the good news is that when Nancy Grace decides to hang it all up, there's another hysterical lawyer to take her place. But then I know so many of our friends, like my wife and I, became libertarians (geez should I tell her about anarchism?) just so we could change society in order to kill our kids on a regular basis. To hell with that Non-Aggression Axiom crap!

Ms. Flowers, Bugs Bunny had you pegged. "What a maroon!"

She shows an aversion to violent videos (I do too and that's why I don't play them) but I bet when it comes to the Warfare State, she's all over it. Support them heroes! Think she ever looks at the forces behind "Full Spectrum Warrior"? Or Lt. Colonel Hank Keirsey and Call of Duty? And she's upset at Casey for killing one kid?

Maybe that should be "What a Hypocritical Maroon!"

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It is for this type of detritus that I "divorced" and have not owned a television set for over 35 years:
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"...even if the justice system has denied her the official title of child killer.

"As surely as O.J. Simpson plunged a knife into his ex-wife, Caylee Marie's mother guaranteed she wasn't going to see her 3rd birthday. The evidence, though circumstantial, was powerful. The fact that the jury failed to connect the logical dots is an indictment of our system..."

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wkmac is absolutely correct: this gal is your classic media moron, claiming to "know" all the facts and information the jurors had at their disposal to conclude the prosecutor(s) had not proved their case within the framework of "law". The white man's "justice" system is bad enough as it is without nerds like Flowers. She reinforces my mantra: television, if I were to own one, would be an insult to what little intelligence I have left. Sam

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Ms. Flowers states, "The idea that no one has the right to tell us how to live our lives (Legalize drugs! Ban motorcycle helmets! Don't ban violent videos! Keep your rosaries off my ovaries!) has led us to a place where caring about No. 1 has become a secular religion, and turned all of those who preach restraint into heretics."
She is absolutely right! Libertarianism is the problem! Yes, that philosophy that teaches that you own yourself is evil and must be stomped out. The idea that people need to take control of their OWN lives and determine what they ingest, and where they live and what they do for work is BAD!!! It leads to baby killers who party while their child is missing! We need women like the brave, hyper-intelligent, clear thinking Ms.Flowers to guide our EVERY step, and mind our EVERY move. And to kill people who get out of line. She and her minions will lovingly and kindly direct every movement of all 300 million of us. Hey it will be tough work, but Flowers is cut out for just such a task. And think of all the child killers she will stop!
We do need a catchy name for her utopia. How about: "Worker's paradise?"