Medallions and Monopolies


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Licensing and government intervention have made New York land sell for as much as $1 million per acre of good soil.

But you call that "private property." So why not call a medallion the same?

It takes the same regulation of the agricultural city-State (civilization) that creates artificial borders to restrict the free movement about the land that Non-State societies in New York enjoyed for thousands of years.

"Our system of private property in land forces landless men to work for others; to work in factories, stores, and offices, whether they like it or not...Disestablishment from land, like slavery, is a form of duress. The white man, where slavery cannot be practiced, has found that he must first disestablish the savages from their land before he can force them to work steadily for him. Once they are disestablished, they are in effect starved into working for him and into working as he directs." ~Dr. Ralph Borsodi, This Ugly Civilization (1929)