Make Homosexuality Illegal


B.R. Merrick's picture

Most people really don't want freedom. What they want is a system that protects them and screws everybody else. Unfortunately, the systems chosen again and again are coercive, and therefore, death-oriented.

If you want the government to stop others from behaving in a manner that doesn't please you when you chance to see it for a few seconds, hear about it in a dinner conversation, or think about it when you know (or strongly suspect) that it happens in the house next door, that same government will steal, lie, cheat, and either purposely or accidentally come after your life. It can never be anything other than death-oriented.

With any luck, the supporters of this death-oriented legislation in Montana will be able to stave off the self-directed excesses of their cherised system of coercion for a few decades, long enough to keep the homos at bay, if the proposed legislation ever actually comes into being. Good luck.