Libertarians Against Capitalism


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As I grow in freedom and liberty, I've come more and more to avoid the use of capitialism in describing my economic beliefs and more and more using the term, Free Market. Just because I as a free individual might use elements of capitialism in my economic acts of free market with another individual doesn't mean that others are bound to those same terms and conditions because I or others believe they are superior. To impose on others such demands are an act of statism IMO and therefore violate the very idea and ideals of a free market.

A free market means you are free to try what you think might work and if you can find others who agree without the use of force or fraud, you again are free to implement those ideas. The term "free market" IMO is for the moment the best possible term as I see it because in word alone it promotes the spirit of true anarchíā but I'm not so bold to think the evolution of freedom in descriptive name will stop there for all time!


Thanks for your efforts and wisdom Sheldon!


A Padawan Learner


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I agree with your sentiment regarding the term "capitalism." It is a loaded word with many negative connotations. "Free market" is better, but it, too, has some baggage, and is also used derisively by anti-free market statists.

Perhaps "open markets" would be a better term? How can anyone be against open markets?

Michael Cloud said that "words are weapons; words are tools." We must choose wisely the words that define our beliefs.

Mike Powers