Lawmakers Push to End 'Scream Rooms' for Punishing Students


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Scream Rooms: This has to be an idea dreamed up by an administrator. Also, I have no doubt that many teachers found this a token answer to their immediate problem. 1) you cannot diciplien a mentally for physically handicapped individual. They are not equipped with the necessary brain cells to make the reasonable synaptic connection that goes into correcting the behavior Punishment for the behavior only seems to reinforce the response. Here they are asking the least educated to come up with a solution and what senator or representative has any kind of an idea. Good ol Shrub and "No child left behind" policy, but he's not to blame. In my 32 years of teaching in special education I never found a reasonable program that offered any help at all. For me all I had was to return the student to his living unit and let him return the next day and hope for the best.
Here's one I would be interested in how home schooling would work out???