Lawmakers Debate Whether More Guns Make College Campuses Safer


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Kleck responds:

Of course one can guess what exposure Kleck's work has in the organs of the Ministry of Propaganda, compared with Hemenway's.

The only problem with Kleck's approach, that I can see, is that it is utilitarianism. People should carry guns, if they please, no matter what the Constitutions, or the law, or the research says about it.

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I agree with Paul -- if you're going to carry, carry. That might mean having to procure your piece on the black market. Good for you. I support "the black market" wherever and whenever I can. I foresee a time in the (I suspect) near future when virtually all markets will become "black". It's called "TEOTMSAWKI" for those cyber-savvy individuals.

The reported incident occurred at Florida State (which is doomed anyway).

The "lawmakers" should come take a look at our school prior to the big debate. Our students bring guns to school whenever they wish.

Of course we're a homeschool family. Sam