Keep It in the Family: Home Schooling Is Growing Ever Faster


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    "State laws vary widely in how much regulation they impose on home-schoolers and how much accountability they require".

The not-so-libertarian "Economist" writer doesn't hesitate advise the reader that the sociopaths ensconced within state agencies are fully in charge with much-needed "regulation imposed" and "accountability requirements". Then s/he fails to report the statistics regarding "required testing".

Oh, well. That's understandable.

All studies point to homeschooled children as scoring markedly higher than their government ("public" ha ha) schooled counterparts in academics, socialization, and virtually any other discipline. Government schools are strictly for the propagandizing of the populace. As with all monopolistic anti-free market devices, they fail miserably.

I can strongly urge you to homeschool your kids. You (and the kids) will not be disappointed.


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We're homeschooling my youngest daughter. She's six, and has already 'graduated' first grade and is well into 2nd grade work. She reads better than many of the junior high students I've seen, and has none of the social 'wall-flower' syndrome that seems to be the chief worry that folks express when the subject of homeschooling is brought up. Homeschooling is, of course, more time-intensive than simply dropping your kid off at the local indoctrination camp, but from all that I see the results are well worth the effort.

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That's an excellent start.

I'll have grandchild #25 (yeah, that's twenty-five!!!), 19 of which will complete or have already completed homeschooling. The oldest 6 came along before homschooling was popular, practical, or "legal". I'd put any one of their "social adjustment" scores (if there is such a thing) up against government schoolers. Nay-sayers always trot out the "socialization" argument to favor government schoolers.


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Sam, have you thought about righting a book or collaborating on a documentary on your homeschooling experiences?  After 19 kids exposed to homeschooling, I'm sure there is a lot of lessons learned from the kids and their parents.  It would definitely give perspective to people who feel overwhelmed by the thought of homeschooling their one child. 

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Thanks, Eric. My kids are all involved in one way or another in the promotion of homeschooling. The web has been a tremendous boon to folks who need a "boost" to get under way and detach from government, education. Google "Homeschooling" and you'll come up with many ideas and program outlines.


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My Mom brought up the "socialization" argument when we were homeschooling our children and I asked her, this, "Do you want them acting like most of the teenagers you meet who are government schooled?" She thought about it for all of one or two seconds and answered, "NO!"

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Did your mom home shool you? Wherever you got your education you got one hellova a one. I admire hour work, your responses. Have you done an article. I haven't scanned it to find one. If you haven't you should.