A Just War?


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I gave this article a 7.

My comments, in order,

"kill" was a mistranslation in "Thou shalt not kill". Jay P. Green Sr. got it right in his Literal Translation of the Holy Bible when he translated the Aramaic word ratsach, "murder". All murder is killing, but all killing is not murder.

Since I am an individual secessionist the UNITED NATIONS is not my "proper authority", however, it presumably is the "proper authority" for the voluntary members of it, which, in my opinion, is another great reason to be an individual secessionist.

Next, "Reasonable Hope for Success" has nothing whatsoever to do with determining whether a war is "just", i.e. "upright; honest; having principles of rectitude".

Lastly, I'm surprised that Jim made not so much as a casual mention of the controversy over whether Iraq even had anything to do with the attacks on the Twin Towers and/or the Pentagon. And, maybe someone here can help me, I forget when did Afghanistan attack America or Great Britain?