The Jones Plantation


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Yet another clear..step by step analysis of the situation... that will be completely ignored by most people. Larken has a knack for explaining this, however most people (IMO) have a knack for ignoring logic.

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The lesson, as I see it:

I can be free. Here. Today.

I don't need my fellow slaves to become free for me to become free. As Jim Davies says, that would be a nice touch. But it may not be in the cards. Too much "security" in slavery for most folks to trust liberty -- even family members. Not that I can't put forth some effort to encourage others. But I have to keep in the forefront of my mind that I am not responsible for the results, only the encouragement.

I don't need to move to New Hampshire or Costa Rica. Most of the folks there believe in human governments also -- except led by a Ron Paul or a Peter Schiff (I suppose they think it would have to be under a "monarchy" led by one or the other). Where human beings believe in "leaders", sociopaths will step forward to "lead".

I'm not going to contribute to the overall liberty bank balance by whining and wringing my hands over sociopathic infringements on "...our-traditional-American-values..."

I am a sovereign state. Therefore, it's up to me to administer My Country in a liberty-minded manner. It's up to nobody else.

You guys and gals can provide encouragement. But you can't make me free. None of you.