Jesse Ventura: 'I Will Never Stand for the National Anthem Again.'


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The American people should have known something was amiss when their government changed the national anthem from, "America (My Country 'Tis of Thee)", "sweet land of liberty" to the "Star Spangled Banner",with its "rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air", written by a lawyer.

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Ventura has no standing to use the Constitution.

Padleford Case: "But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in court, on the grounds of a breach
of the Constitution. The Constitution, it is true, is a compact, but he is not a party to it. The States
are parties to it. And they may complain. If they do they are entitled to redress. Or they may waive
the right to complain."

In other words, Ventura based his complaint on a violation of "his" constitutional rights as expressed in the Constitution. To which he is not a party to, hence no standing, case tossed.

Jesse had his lawyer selling him out here. In this case, Congress determined that the Courts of Appeals get to declare the law void, not the District Courts.

J.V. should sue his LIEYER for legal malpractice and file in the proper venue if he is the ''real deal''
and not just a rabble rouser.

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I believe you will find that that's because a "private person" is not a consenting member, (s)he is not "clothed with [the] office" of "citizen".

Private. Affecting or belonging to private individuals, as distinguished from the public generally. Not official; not clothed with office. People v. Powell, 280 Mich. 699, 274 N.W. 372, 373 ~ Black's Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition (c.1991), page 1195

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Re: Ventura has no standing to use the Constitution...

Actually, that is so– *at least to Our Rulers*. And not just because they’re evil tyrants who spit on the Constitution. They are and they do, but what Mr. Ventura bumped up against is monstrously worse, something far more dangerous, entrenched, and systemic. Yet it remains so incognito and unsuspected that *our hero* might want to investigate it for his series, Conspiracy Theory, on TruTV.

The culprit is a totalitarian nightmare known as "administrative law." And when we victims assume the Constitution reigns supreme, Our Rulers laugh: they *legally (even if unconstitutionally) replaced it* about a century ago with Administrative law.

Ventura’s Venture Against the TSA
by Becky Akers

Re: Ventura as "the real deal"
Indeed! Good for Ventura! How good is the Constitution if it has allowed or cannot stop what we have? Yet it also remains so incognito and unsuspected that *our hero* might want to investigate it too for his series, Conspiracy Facts to go with The Theory, on TruTV.

Re-Ventura as "not just a rabble rouser"
At the same time the typical American is so conditioned to Authority that he will not even dare to defy a road sign – even when it’s out in the middle of nowhere and there’s essentially zero chance of any repercussions. Anything that looks official, anyone in a uniform of any kind – even if it’s not an official uniform and the wearer has no gun or actual authority to do anything – the average American will, without a murmur, sit quietly – and obey.

What’s Gonna Get Us
by Eric Peters

I think this rings more true than Darkcrusdader's administrative concerns. Ventura comes across--to me--more as a hero surrounded by smirking button pushing cowards.

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The issue is which court gets to declare the law void.Congress has said that if you want to appeal a judgment of a U.S. District Court located in New York, you have to go to the 2d Circuit Court of Appeals.
Jesse 'the body'(?) Ventura has sworn an Oath to defend his CONstitution against all. I guess we now know what his sacred oath is worth.As he was a navy seal and a Governor so it would be no streach to think that he did swear an oath to defend that constitution.The district court rightly ruled. It is up to J.V. to persue his legal remedy and 'go to the mat' for his constitution.So it appears that he is rabble rousing to draw out those who will be instigated to take action. The ultimate purpose? A second (UN)civil-war? That seems to serve TPTB.Kills off a lot of useless eaters and changes the law-forms.
Why no one of us has, or ever will, have our Constitutional legal stances admitted nor recognized in any USDC?? This is perhaps the most definitive listing of prior equity contracts existing before the formal US Constitution, which when coupled with myriad subsequent additions-extensions of said equity-maritime contracts shows that any attempt to cause justice to occur within the US Judicial system is absolutely hopeless, other than the rare but purposefully planned-permitted "wins" that are nothing more than mindscrew to convince the unthinking that justice does still exists.

Concerning persons>

A person is such, not because he is human, but because rights and duties are ascribed to him. The person is the legal subject or substance of which the rights and duties are attributes. An individual human being considered as having such attributes is what lawyers call a natural person. Pollock, First Book of Jurispr. 110. Gray, Nature and Sources of Law, ch. II.

Source: Black's Law Dictionary, 4th Ed.

Persons are the subject of rights and duties; and, as a subject of a right, the person is the object of the correlative duty, and conversely. The subject of a right has been called, the person of inherence; the subject of a duty, the person of incidence. "Entitled" and "bound" are the terms in common use in English and for most purposes they are adequate. Every full citizen is a person; other human beings, namely, subjects who are not citizens, may be persons. But not every human being is necessarily a person, for a person is capable of rights and duties, and there may well be human beings having no legal rights, as was the case with slaves in English law.

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"...there may well be human beings having no legal rights, as was the case with slaves in English law."

Well, of course, there "may well be human beings having no legal rights"; that's because "legal rights" are bestowed, or granted, to consenting (either express or tacit[1]) members (citizens/subjects) of "particular political and legal system[s]" and these "slaves" were not consenting members in the "English law" system.

"Natural and legal rights are two types of rights theoretically distinct according to philosophers and political scientists. Natural rights, also called inalienable rights, are considered to be self-evident and universal. They are not contingent upon the laws, customs, or beliefs of any particular culture or government. Legal rights, such as constitutional rights, common law rights, and statutory rights, are bestowed under a particular political and legal system; they are relative to specific cultures and governments. Legal rights are enumerated in constitutions, in statutes (by a legislative body), in case law (especially in countries with a common law tradition), in treaties, and in administrative regulations." ~ Wikipedia

[1] TAC'IT, a. [L. tacitus, from taceo, to be silent, that is, to stop, or to close. See Tack.] Silent; implied, but not expressed. Tacit consent is consent by silence, or not interposing an objection. So we say, a tacit agreement or covenant of men to live under a particular government, when no objection or opposition is made...

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With all due respect Darkcrusader's repeating more of the same discredited memes on an anarchist site--no less--is a waste of time.

I do not see Ventura as the cause of the inherent tendency for More Control (Chaotic Laws), More of the Matrix (Surplus Order) and More Transfer of Wealth (Looting) but the very same that Darkcrusader refers to as The Law.

There is only one entity that can pit the poor against the rich, the young against the old, the white against the black, this country against another and *thrive cancer like thru divide and conquer* . The same entity that commits such cannot pass pixie dust over itself and render Justice. Saying that it can would indeed be demagoguery amongst other things.

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Why should I, or Ventura, or any other free thinking individual, fool around in the white man's court system, needing law scholars to sort out the beast's billions (trillions, I suspect) of jots and tittles?

Justice? Never happen! At least Ventura, in all his wisdom acquired from holding his Grand Wizard of MN "office", figured one thing out:

    "If I appeal it, they'll get federally paid judges to squash it."

I wrote this over at HaleBobb:

    Jesse is already coming to understand that "judges" who suck on top teats are duty bound to protect TSA goons who suck on lower (but still stolen milk from the same sets of) teats. There is no such thing as "justice" when all participants are paid from the same booty trunk.

    I'm reminded of the 70's when I, ignorant sheep that I was, let myself get "assessed" over half million frn's in fines, penalties and back "taxes" (well over a million in today's inflated digital frn's) by agents of the US "Internal Revenue 'Service'". Later they tried to take the farm from my ex wife. My son and a number of other lawyers got her off under a "wounded spouse" clause of some sort.

    In my blindness I, like Jesse Ventura, became angry. I had gold US and TX flag pins I had worn daily for years as jingoist badges on my suit jacket -- proud and clueless patriot that I was. In rage I took a spray can and painted them black, but continued to wear them covered in black while teaching in government ("public" ha ha) university -- until anarchy caught up with me.

    Before I declared sovereignty I had to suffer a lot of what is being called "cognitive dissonance". I came to understand that anger toward agents of state ("the government") is playing directly into their hands and providing a clear target on my own back to which they can dutifully and gleefully take aim. My anger would be better directed at foxes for their ill treatment of the chickens.

    State agents depend upon angry citizens ("home grown terrorists") to carry on their ruse of war "against terrorism". Just like they need drug dealers and pushers and addicts to carry on their egregious drug "war". Wars allow them to maintain such criminal acts as federal reserve to print up counterfeit "funds" to support the various "industrial complexes" that support wars and state agents.

    It's a vicious cycle in which I no longer play a part. I quietly excuse myself from exercises in state worship (anthems, pledges of allegiance, etc).

    With all due respect, Jesse (and Dr Paul), political solutions are no solutions.


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Continued from previous post: And, if one is, in truth, a "private person", i.e. not a consenting member, (s)he is not "clothed with [the] office" of "citizen", and therefore CANNOT participate in "political solutions".

You might also take notice of the lyrics of the "original" anthem, adopted by the people, Sam, for it had nothing to do with flags or governments.

My Country, 'Tis Of Thee,
Sweet Land Of Liberty,
Of Thee I Sing;
Land Where My Fathers Died,
Land Of The Pilgrim's Pride,
From Ev'ry Mountain Side
Let Freedom Ring.
My Native Country Thee,
Land Of The Noble Free,
Thy Name I Love;
I Love Thy Rocks And Rills,
Thy Woods And Templed Hills;
My Heart With Rapture Thrills
Like That Above.
Let Music Swell The Breeze,
And Ring From All The Trees,
Sweet Freedom's Song.
Let Mortal Tongues Awake;
Let All That Breathe Partake;
Let Rocks Their Silence Break,
The Sound Prolong.
Our Father's God! To Thee,
Author Of Liberty,
To Thee We Sing;
Long May Our Land Be Bright
With Freedom's Holy Light;
Protect Us By Thy Might,
Great God, Our King!

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A complement to your last line, my friend.

"When I hear a person talking about political solutions, I know I am not listening to a serious person." ~ George Carlin

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Here's another one for you, Sam, from the desk of the Not-So-Famous:

“Politics is pointless. It is a waste of time, as it is intentionally designed to absorb the enthusiasm, energy, and efforts of every last person who participates in it, thus allowing the system to tick along on the same agenda that is set well outside of the political process. … The Matrix movie trilogy gives us a simple analogy for this: The masses involved in the political process are the sheeple plugged into the Matrix. It merely sucks its power from them, and leaves them with the minimum they need to survive. It keeps them entertained and happy, and totally ignorant of how completely they are controlled.” ~ Caleb, on New Zealand

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I remember well "My Country 'Tis of Thee, Sweet Land of Liberty..." We sang it in sister school when I was a wee lad, late 30's and early 40's, as a ritual of the morning flag a-raising, along with the "pledge of allegiance" and other state/g-d worship. You probably know the history (and it could be googled easily) of when Star Spangled Banner became U.S. national "anthem". I don't think I ever heard "Spangled" (what an ugly name -- and an ugly tune with NO rhythm) until late 40's or early 50's in high school. Sam.