It’s Way Too Late for Reform


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“under well-established law, the police…have no special duty” to protect an individual citizen. Well. He got that one right, according to SCOTUS police have no legal, Constitutional authority or duty to protect the lives of citizens”. My, my. It is a dial 911 and die situation, and possibly by the hand of a cop?
I find it interesting that there is still a valid SCOTUS precedent in the John Black Elk v. U.S. which validates a citizens legal right to use force to prevent an unlawful arrest and that any bystander has a right to assist on behalf of the victim. Good luck with that one. Even if you are innocent of the original intended crime ones resisting arrest is not going to be a pleasurable experience even if a precedent does exist. Who’s going to validate that Black Elk V. U.S. position, your attorney. Hell he probably has no idea about that one?
There is something about being a cop that is mysterious and mystifying. Why? What is the psychology behind the individual who becomes a cop? What is the mental age of guys on SWAT teams? What validates their emotional state and character that permits one to be a SWAT member? How is it that "no knock warrants" can honestly be issued? Why are so many SWAT members eager for a raid and live for the raid?
If every American citizen, sound of mind and law abiding were required to carry a firearm would we have the problems we now have and would we even need a police force with tanks, half-tracks mounted with .50 caliber machine guns, bayonets and etc.?
I could be all muddy about this one, but I don't trust them. I would like to see greater accountability enforced on them as legislators try to force upon us new and mandatory laws.