Israel's "Right to Exist"


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Of course, everyone including you, has a right to their opinion and a right to share it. I for one, do not look to Aljazeera for information which is the source of this article. States rights refers to political powers and in this regard any "state" has a "right" to exist. Time and again peaceful coexistence has been rejected, not on the part of Israel.

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The way the State of Israel was created is indeed nothing new in History.The Europeans did it during the 19th Century and all
the Centuries before in Africa, America and Asia.
One Justification for Colonisation was the Fact that the People who lived in these Parts of the World never had created States
-at least not the Kind of States which the Europeans would have acknowledged as such- and thus all the Land belonged to those
who were able to take it, if necessary by Force. - Might is Right-
Of Course it didn' matter that the Natives had been first and might have lived there for Generations .
Instead they got generous Offers of peaceful Coexistence:They could stay in their "Homelands" as long as they didnt get in the
way of the new Masters; they also got the Offer to work as Servants or do other dirty lowpaid Work.
Unfortunately in to many Cases the stupid Natives stubbornly clung to the Ilusion that the Land actually belonged to them
and ungratefully rejected the Offers of peaceful Coexistence.So in the late 1940's colonial Langgrabbing was already out
of Style.