Is There A Viable Alternative To College?


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"Is There a Viable Alternative to College?" Yes. It's called "no college".

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When did an education become a crux to life? If "no College" is the viable alternative , what is it exactly that "no College" offer. On the surface it would suggest that educational enhancement becomes an individual endeavor. If I had not sought an organized program I would not have been able to perform the task I set out to do, yet at the same time the College training I did receive was virtually useless up to the point that I was able to use the information I received to muddle through until I gained enough un-mentored experience that I was able to enhance off my failures. The additional classes I took after receiving my degree again were virtually useless except for stimulating me to modify and adapt the silliness into a functional basis of knowledge in conjunction with the experience I had accumulated which resulted in more failures which I built off of.

I believe the major objection to formalized education is that the professors are generally 1) incompetent and 2) they are politically oriented to influence minds to a particular socialist philosophy.

Ultimately education is the responsibility of parents not government collectives. Any level of government involvement results in performing in the manner the government dictates which generally is constructed off of lies, deception, and miss-information. I for one object to public education. This should be a community effort. In the early years if this Nation education was provided by churches and tutors if the family could afford to have one. Now, without colleges how does one develop the knowledge base for higher level skills. It is an interesting idea though.

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Spend the hundred grand buying her a franchise or perhaps some other already running small business after she completes two years studying business management at a junior college. She'll learn more and be worth more  in ten years than if she simply went to college. Accounting  and all the rest are what they are and do not require sitting in Ivy covered buildings to learn. OTOH, you won't have a fancy diploma or class ring that says Michigan, Yale, or Stanford, on it, but you won't owe Sallie Mae or a bank a hundred grand plus interest either.