Is The NYPD Experimenting With Drones Over The City? Evidence Points To Yes


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There was a TV show that ran back in 2000-02 called Dark Angel set in a post-apocalyptic Seattle around 2020 that featured an episode where some renegade feds hacked into the local PD's surveillance drones and made them into flying assassination devices. Much like a flyable IED. Maybe that's the whole point of militarizing the local cops; to make it easier for military technology to be repurposed for police use. The R&D is paid for by federal money, battle-tested overseas, and then sold to local police back home. Perfect example of technological innovation by a late stage empire; subsidized development socialized R&D, but big private profits for well connected insiders. A great investment opportunity too if you can live with yourself. On TV the plucky rebels found a way to trash the pig drones. I wonder if we will?

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KenK, it damn well better be as good as both seasons of Jericho, because I just ordered both seasons of Dark Angel on your word.

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I believe with all my heart, with my whole self, that we -- the rebels -- will *always* find a way. After all, there are those of us that, in addition to practicing resistance, are raising revolutionaries.

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Me too; +1. But you can't fool Mother Nature. Well, maybe for 10,000 years or so, but that's only 0.0125% of the time humans have been sailing the oceans (800,000 years, yep, the archeological evidence is in.)

Modern reality = brief anomaly.

Myself, I'm willing to learn from 0.0125% of time everybody knows and thinks is the only way humans can ever live, as long as you're willing to learn from 99.9875% of humanity's time on earth.

P.S. I'm raising some hellions myself, never to darken the door of a public school.