Is Britain More Violent Than the United States?


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Why do statistics matter at all? It is irrelevant whether more or fewer people are killed. What only matters is whether you wish to be armed.

Worrying about statistics is evidence you are making the wrong kinds of arguments (i.e., utilitarian ones). Fuck the statistics, and the utilitarian arguments.

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I agree totally. "Individualists" making arguments based on statistics is like having a salad with a candy bar and a defeats its own arguement.

Honestly done, statistics are sometimes useful- but not in philosophical discourse. And especially not by those that don't understand how they work- which is just about everybody. We have all been trained to take"numbers" very seriously, "they don't lie" after all. But statistics isn't mathematics, it's an extrapolation based on probability and correlation...both of which are open to wild interpretation.

It's quite creative bullshit masquerading as "science."


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Stats have a function at every level, from deception to speculations.