Internet Censorship: Past, Present And Future...


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The idea that human minds can be swayed by information is daunting all by itself.

The nature of government (a small number of sociopathic human beings exerting coercion upon the masses -- mostly non-sociopaths) is undergirded by this actuality. It's been that way throughout history. All "public media" is devised to make use of the fickle nature of the unwashed masses. But you know all that.

That's part of the reason "capitalism" always reverts to "corporatism" (and why on sites like this one we who should know better are led to fight and haggle over the "evils of capitalism" -- a strange phenomenon in itself when you consider STR is pro-liberty). Media information is edited to lend support to "the state" (the real predators of society), who are dependent upon the large producers (lobbying corporatists) who rely on and seek legislation for the elimination of competition in the marketplace.

I am emotionally fragile and easily swayed. At least that's the way I'm SUPPOSED to be. And sometimes that's the way I am -- but the web has opened avenues of previously inaccessible information and new doors of understanding for me. I'm not the same man I was ten years ago. In 2002 I was still clinging to a certain degree of statist mentality.

But I'm not unlike many folks, I just want to be left alone. In safety. I'd like to know I can relax at home and ride my bicycle without fear of (non government) predators. The internet has shown me the main threat to my families' and my safety is government predators.

Therefore the internet MUST be smashed. And it WILL be smashed. State parasites will see to that. Laissez faire must not be allowed into the heads of the proletariat in anything other than a negative light. It is essential the masses chant slogans of freedom; but they must not be allowed to catch a glimpse of freedom.

Watch the video. It tells a valid story. Sam