The Impossibility of Limited Government


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" must be recognized that the Constitution is itself unconstitutional, i.e., incompatible with the very doctrine of natural human rights that inspired the American Revolution." ~ Hans-Hermann Hoppe

“Steeped in the doctrine of natural rights...the American colonists rose up to free themselves of British rule.” ~ Hans-Hermann Hoppe

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"As Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence, government was instituted to protect life, property, and the pursuit of happiness." ~ Hans-Hermann Hoppe

"As the Declaration of Independence noted, government is supposed to protect life, property, and the pursuit of happiness." ~ Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Unfortunately, this is not quite true, Thomas, in the declaration of independence, replaced man's natural right, i.e. his "just claim" to his "justly acquired property", with the vague "the pursuit of happiness". The question begs to be asked, was this omission/substitution intentional, precisely so that the new government could have "the power to tax...without consent"?

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I'd buy that. It started happening violently with the very first president and the Whiskey Rebellion.

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“ agencies...have acquired this position [of power] because of their reputation as effective, reliable, and HONEST BUSINESSES.” ~ Hans-Hermann Hoppe [Emphasis added]

You have got to be kidding me, Hans! Insurance agencies are “HONEST BUSINESSES”???

Prudential Insurance CEO, Robert C. Winters, chaired the Health, Welfare and Retirement Income Task Force, an arm of the BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE, which is believed to be the most powerful lobby in the United States; it lobbied for N.A.F.T.A. and it had a very heavy hand in Barrack Hussein's current “health care reform”. (