The Importance of Economic Theory


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Nicholas Snow laments, "...So why then do some economists jump the train of economic theory?..." And then he goes into an intellectual discussion of "the importance of economic theory".

Very good. But first I'd like you to read what Gary North had to say about the nature of "economists" and the Federal Reserve over on Lew Rockwell a few months back:


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G'day Sam,

Within the article you recommended, we read the following:

    "...the banking cartel's senior bankers, the system enforced by the Federal Reserve, which persuaded Franklin Roosevelt to unilaterally confiscate all of the gold coins and gold-denominated debt certificates of all residents of the United States and all American citizens, no matter where they lived."

Notice that the PRESIDENT, (not Franklin Roosevelt), could only "unilaterally confiscate all of the gold coins and gold-denominated debt certificates of all residents of the United States and all American[sic] [UNITED STATES] citizens"? The PRESIDENT has no authority over those who choose not to be members of his "group[1]".

As an Individual Secessionist I am neither a "resident[2]" nor a "citizen" of[3], i.e. belonging to, the UNITED STATES or any of its franchise/affiliate STATES.

[1] Secession. The act of withdrawing from membership in a group. ~ Black's Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, page 1351 [Emphasis added]

[2] Don't be fooled by the word "resident". Word "resident" has many meanings in law, largely determined by statutory context in which it is used. Kelm v. Carlson, C.A.Ohio, 473 F2d, 1267, 1271

[3] Of. A term denoting that from which anything proceeds; indicating origin, source, descent, and the like... Associated with or connected with, usually in some causal relation, efficient, material, formal, or final. The word has been held equivalent to after; at, or belonging to; in possession of; manufactured by; residing at; from. ~ Black's Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, page 1080 [Emphasis added]

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As you well know, Suverans2, I wholeheartedly agree with your post. As you also know, there were a goodly number of individuals in 1933 who refused to obediently gather their gold coins and bullion and turn it over to state-owned banksters in exchange for worthless fiat "currency" simply because a sociopathic tyrant dictated that is what they "must" do..."it's our LAW!" (yuk yuk yuk) If you could locate and retrieve a cache of that gold still buried deep in the earth it would be worth a "fortune" today.

At that part of Dr. North's essay you quote he is emphasizing the need to define terms before one can understand why "economists" cannot or will not sanction economic theory. Writers often say "country," when they mean – or should have meant – the banking cartel's senior bankers, the system of individuals enforced by the Federal Reserve, who "advise" the chattels who dominate the illusion of "power" ("presidents", "prime ministers", etc) who dictate the terms of "money" to the unwashed masses.

I refer to myself as a Sovereign State. I am a citizen. The ONLY citizen as a matter of fact. I chance to live close to people I love on a land mass named after a dubious "discoverer". I have not needed to move away from my family and friends to a "state" (is it "New Hampshire"?) or to a platform floating out in the sea to achieve and/or maintain sovereignty. Sovereignty be where ah is. State functionaries are still pains in the ass just like all the other common thieves -- except with ordinary thieves I have the advantage of knowing that the thief KNOWS s/he is a thief.

As such I have total responsibility for MY well-being and MY behavior (I include this jurisdiction to include family and loved ones to the extent they seek my help due to their not yet having learned to declare and practice sovereignty for or by themselves).

My President is responsible for the rotation of the earth on its axis and maintains the critical distance from the medium sized star that we know as "our sun". My Representative sustains such laws as photosynthesis.

That is a good nation in which to live. I could not live any other way.

Regards, Sam