Immigrants Attracted By Work, Not Welfare


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The majority of illegal immigrants come here to work. To earn money so they can send it to their families back in their country. Its quite true that i have not met an illegal who is taking government subsidies. Though i have seen many American born who are taking government subsidies even though they can work its just that they dont want to

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I disagree, I know several illegal immigrants that are taking subsidies from government(food stamps etc.), and that's just around my block. Most of which have expensive cars to tote their upteen children to government run(taxpayer funded) school.

There may be a majority working for a living as the article states yet that does not account for the entire population of illegals in the U.S. Other factors come into play when addressing illegal immigration, not just work status. What about the "war on drugs" moniker that helps cartel members sell illegal substances to American citizens(which of course is only the governments attempt to demonize those who use them)? Would they not be considered illegal immigration workers?

What of the cities that offer free drivers licenses to illegal immigrants? Doesn't our tax dollars fund those services expected of the state and local authorities? If contract employers hire those men willing to work at a cheaper rate than their legal counterparts, what incentive exists to ensure they are paying taxes like most American citizens? I've worked for atleast 3 different contractors and none of them inquired about the taxes I owed to the I.R.S. as they paid in cash to not only me but those who couldn't even speak english. How do you hire someone who can't even speak english, who quite possibly is illegal, and takes the work at a lower rate and not correlate that he is KNOWINGLY being paid less? If he knows he's getting less money for his work then he understands what the rate should be, and that he should be getting more, which could allow him to expose his employer to scrutiny by the B.B.B. or the I.R.S.(or la raza for that matter)?

No, illegals don't come here for the welfare our government dishes out to what it perceives as the underpriviledged, they come here for the freedoms we enjoy in spite of the welfare state we provide, hoping their efforts do not go unheeded which eventually leads to the welfare state.