If Voting Made Any Difference, They Wouldn’t Let Us Do It


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Minarchist blather.

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I'd not disagree that Rutherford Institute in general and John Whitehead in particular amount to "minarchist blather":

    "...There is still a lot Americans can do to topple the police state tyrants, but any revolution that has any hope of succeeding needs to be prepared to reform the system from the bottom up. And that will mean re-learning step by painful step what it actually means to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people..."

His mentality defaults naturally into "rebuilding a system", or "our-beloved-democracy". What we know that he apparently hasn't discovered (yet) is that no matter where you intend to start that predator "system", it will grow and metastasize to eventually consume its host. Government "...of the people, by the people and for the people..." is the collectivist malarkey that has sustained and augmented the Gettysburg's that have plagued mankind from time immemorial.

Government "...of the individual, by the individual, and for the individual..." is the philosophy I eventually assimilated after my traumatic disenchantment 50+ years ago with the trouncing of my political hero of the time, Barry Goldwater. Karl Hess led me to Harry Browne and Robert Ringer who eventually led me here.

So let's not give up on the likes of John Whitehead. He appears to be mad as hell over the "system" he so avidly promotes. That, I think, might be an opening cannon to anarchy (at least it was for me). Of course I had one advantage: I had no writing, publishing or evangelistic skills, or "connections". Therefore, I had no previous "stance" or "acclamation" to defend. It gave me permission to change as change was indicated. Sam