If a Pure Market Economy is So Good, Why Doesn't It Exist?


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This is a long scholarly article and the basic theme is that it's possible to change society, and that a prerequisite for change is to change the beliefs or attitudes of some critical mass of the population. In itself, this is not a new or startling conclusion, but I've never seen the question addressed so thoroughly before and the authors make a good case for their position.

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Agreed. Unfortunately, for the purposes of my comment, there are far too many money quotes, especially when I take under consideration an ongoing discussion with one of my friends concerning the feasibility of anarchy:

"Nonetheless, the obvious fact that events beyond anyone’s control affect people’s preferences, and do so in ways not fully understood, should no more inevitably lead libertarians to strategic pessimism than it leads business people to abandon all marketing and advertising."

This article is an absolute gem.