The Human Face of the Prison-Industrial Complex


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A simple way to reduce the work force dollar spent on law abiding citizens who need work. From my perspective, prison is prison, not a place to learn; it is a punishment for a crime committed. No. I don't accept the idea of farming these guys out as a labor force. Sounds like communist Russia to me.

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Since I posted on "monopoly justice" a few minutes ago I won't belabor this issue. Except to observe that this is one of Thomas Pynchon's classic examples:

    "If they can keep you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers."
    -- Thomas Pynchon

Nobody asks whether incarceration by monopoly state is viable. Nobody questions how imprisonment ignores the victim(s) of the wrongdoer and forces the victim to pay double -- the cost in life, limb and property of the misdeed, and the cost of the convicted miscreant's bed and board ("taxation").

Through "voluntary compliance", of course.

Nobody inquires if there is a way in total freedom to deal with even violent evildoers (you would think those espousing "gun 'rights'" might be so inquisitive).

Just a longing for "justice" and whining over how psychopaths treat their victims.

Abstain from beans, my friends. It might seem a small start. But it is a start.