How to Solve the Illegal Immigration Problem


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Brilliant a man that Dr. Paul is, he remains statist to the core. "...Little government is good, big government is bad.....Tame, sterile government is good; virulent, authoritarian government is bad.." Problem is, the nature of the beast is to metastasize and permeate. Always. That's what "history" is about.

As a youngster in government ("public" ha ha) school I was taught that a state (monopoly upon violence) was necessary to prevent fat cats from forming monopolies and taking advantage of the people (among other things, like take their "citizens" to war). It didn't dawn upon me until after the last time I voted (1964, for Barry Goldwater) that monopolies cannot exist in a free marketplace -- they require government, and "regulation", to come into being. That a state was the most egregious, vicious monopoly of them all.

So now to the fight among the hoi polloi pertaining to borders, walls, etc etc. Keep 'em divided, then conquer 'em. Problem, reaction, solution. Sam

(copied from comments section in posted article)