How to End the State


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Some years back, Alex, I seceded from the union. Now of course I recognize I live in occupied territory. But I would live in occupied territory if I lived in, say Costa Rica or France or Iran. That's because I have no control over others, thus I have to side-step their fear (your assessment, which is very astute and accurate) which gives rise to their need for state. So I protect myself from two types of criminal behavior: government and non-government. The later is by far the easiest -- generally locking the door and the bike and avoiding certain areas at unsafe times will do the trick. Government criminals are more pernicious. They bank on me being among the "majority" (dwindling, I think, but not fast enough) who believe "we" should all pledge allegiance to flags and chant slogans and sing national anthems. And vote.

Last time I voted was 1964. For Barry Goldwater. It took several years after that before I seceded and became a sovereign state. I still have to obey laws. The laws that govern me, however, can be inscribed upon two tablets of stone. No law libraries or state dignitaries dressed in long black robes making decisions "for my own good". My President is responsible for the rotation of the earth on its axis.

I'll vote for The Incumbent.