How Neanderthal Are You?


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"One of the most recognizable signs of domestication is a reduction in brain size—domestication makes a population stupid."*

Domestication has shrunk the human skull too. Neanderthals, now extinct, had larger cranial capacity. How, and why, has civilization shrunk human skulls?

"What is it in domestication that selects for the most docile, the most calm—the most stupid—individuals in a population? Primarily, it is a question of stress."*

So if you've got a high percentage of Neanderthal blood in you, you might fidget in school. They might say you have Asperger's or ADHD.** Or you might not be the world's most submissive wage-slave. You're not completely domesticated to city-Statism (civilization.)

Yet most humans today are city-Statist poodles. Oh sure, the civilized poodles sometimes whimper when they get swatted by authority, but they wouldn't think of taking on the personal responsibility of living a non-domesticated lifestyle, and yip and nip at those who don't share the poodle's fear-of-wilderness.
* "The closest parallel to human behavior is not found in primates, but among wolves."
Wolves & Dogs
by Jason Godesky | 13 November 2006

** The Neanderthal theory