How Frightened Patriarchal Men Have Tried to Repress Women's Sexuality Through History


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This Nation will collapse without a moral and virtuious people.

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I always thought it was the stork. Well...wasn't it the stork???

Here's an interesting thought I had reading the article: throughout the author tended to link his topic either directly or covertly to the actions of human, civil government: "our way of life"!!!

    "...But the opposition to the sexual revolution goes much further than sex. For at least the past half-century, conservatives have cast a much wider net, lumping together feminism, sexual and reproductive freedom, abortion rights, and even equal pay with the potential downfall of America..."

I'd be interested in hearing what most folks interpret as "...the potential downfall of America.." Many here recognize I've become of late rather of a disciple of Delmar England (although I eschew the idea of acquiring or retaining heroes and/or gurus, and so does Delmar).

Delmar England has helped me see how the way I frame a phrase or a topic in my mind relates directly to how free I actually am. If I think of "...the-downfall-of-america..." as a BAD thing, I probably am still enslaved. I can get out of slavery, but I haven't gotten out yet. I'm still thinking like a slave.

As a 76 year-old father, grandfather and great grandpa of many I can still testify that sex is a grave bugaboo for me at times. But I'm free. I know vultures acclaiming titles of "...our leaders..." are not MY leaders. And therefore I can work through the many issues I still have left regarding sex and sexuality without associating or labeling them as "social issues" -- an association that would keep me in servitude to "society".

Just some out-loud musing.