How Bitcoin Created a Decentralized Currency


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I wish them well, but, I notice that the bitcoin uses's S3 hosting system, and other services from Google, to make it's scheme work. What happens when the government tells these corporate giants to quit cooperating with bitcoin, ala wikileaks?

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I didn't think the site was hosted by amazon, but it doesn't matter much. The site is a great place for discussion and information, but the actual system is not on any site, it is completely decentralized, the site going down won't even make it blink. It would make it a little harder for a new person to get info, but there are plenty of other sites, even wikipedia, for that. The download would still be available from Sourceforge. How long was wikileaks unavailable anyway, 3 hours?

Hopefully this is how the government will try to stop, lol. More likely it will be a smear campaign about the terrible things we do with our new monetary freedom.