Homeopathy: Overdosing on Nothing


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I'm not going to bother reading this article. I've read others like it before. I'm just going to say that I've used homeopathy successfully for years and years. Each time I do an experiment. When I'm sick, I go to an allopathic physician, a licensed M.D. and get them to verify the infection or problem. Then I ignore their treatment advise and take homeopathy. Without fail, it works every time.

I believe a lot of these anti-homeopathy experiments are flawed and there may be fraud involved. After all, homeopathy is dirt cheap compared to standard medical treatment.

One other story to relate - a good friend of mine had serious heart problems and was diagnosed by a cardiologist as requiring a mandatory heart transplant. His surgery was scheduled, but he decided to see my holistic doctor in the meantime. After electro-dermal screening, my doctor found an infection in the heart. My friend was given some herbs to strengthen the heart and some homeopathic remedies to kill the infection. Two weeks later, his heart felt normal again. He went back to the cardiologist who ran some tests and found that his condition had completely reversed and his heart function was significantly improved - the surgery was no longer necessary. 8 years later, he's still doing fine and his heart is in great shape.

So, I've seen quite a few experiments with homeopathy - and either human beings have the ability to heal themselves with the power of their minds via placebo effect (which should then obviously be the subject of an extensive study by the medical community - if they're intellectually honest) or homeopathy works. I think it's the latter.