Homeland Security Intercepts Ecstasy Allegedly Bound for Brookfield Home


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Homeland Security is likely involved because the MDMA was likely shipped across the international border.

And 50 years for this is why America is the most imprisoned country on Earth.

The law also makes little distinction between home-grown cannabis and lab-produced MDMA--which are among the "lighter" recreational drugs--and the heroin or cocaine sourced from war zones in Asia and South America. Some drugs actually are worse then others; the D.A.R.E. "gateway drug" propaganda being almost entirely untrue.

Of course, if the law were entirely rational, you could buy Aloha Phatty and Kingston Gold from the shelves next to Marlboro, Pall Mall, Jack Daniels, and Grey Goose. Alas, the law is a creature of politics, and bent by people with their own prejudices, so the drugs accepted by the establishment, tobacco and ethanol, are legal, while the demon weed and the aphrodesiac made famous by bass-thumping teenager-filled illegal warehouse-trespassing parties are both outlawed.

You don't have to take drugs to believe that an entire lifetime in prison is a just punishment for what this man is alleged to have done, but if you do, you might just benefit from Ecstasy, as it supposedly enhances your sense of empathy.