Higher Immigration, Lower Crime


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Excellent debunking of the irrational fear that so many people have of immigrants.

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Actually, there is an arguement with the numbers. As at first glance, those figures seem to vindicate the theory of those who think that immigration (illegal) does not import crime. And one would be completely remiss if they had not looked at the readily available information abundant online.



- Violent crime rate in Arizona (2008): 447 per 100K
- Violent crime rate in West region (2008): 445.4 per 100K
- Violent crime rate nationwide (2008): 454.5 per 100K
- Property crime rate in Arizona (2008): 4291 per 100K
- Property crime rate in West region (2008): 3200.7 per 100K
- Property crime rate nationwide (2008): 3212.5 per 100K

- Change in Violent crime rate in Arizona (1989-2008): 599.6 to 447, a roughly 25% reduction
- Change in Violent crime rate nationwide (1989-2008): 666.9 to 454, a roughly 32% reduction
- Change in Property crime rate in Arizona (1989-2008): 7460 to 4291, a roughly 43% reduction
- Change in Property crime rate nationwide (1989-2008): 5107 to 3212, a roughly 38% reduction

“Arizona’s overall violent crime rate is lower than the nationwide average, but higher than it’s regional average. Its property crime rate is higher than both the nationwide and regional average. Its rate of decline for violent crime is slower than that of the nation, but its rate of decline for property crime is faster than that of the nation.” -blogger BSK

This is only to illustrate the ability of some to manipulate data that mave have otherwise been used to provide an opposing view (keep in mind this only portrays Arizona as pertains to illegal immigration and not legal immigration).

What should also be kept in mind is what type of immigration is being used to provide these numbers (legal/illegal)? As well as what nationality has been included as opposed to those that were left out? Not all Mexicans are classified similarly, (Latinos, Chicanos, Coconuts)and, are these nationalities considered when crime documentation only allots for a small accruement of minorities (White, Black, Mexican, Hispanic, Other). What is the probability of these individuals actually providing the correct nationality of their heritage? Would it be improper to claim that if the existing ramifications for being illegal, from whatever country, and subsequent deportation back to their homeland, would endanger them even further down the line as evidenced with Mexico's horrendous laws regarding immigration.