A Heartbreaking Drug Sentence of Staggering Idiocy


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At some point, given the current state of the criminal "Justice System", it no longer makes sense to allow yourself to be arrested for any reason. Face it folks, we have a gulag going here. Might as well act as if that were so. The ruling class will throw your life away without a qualm.

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I think that is an accurate assessment. POTUS was in Colorado recently with a back drop of a few city cops. No sheriffs were permitted because they openly defied his attempt to eliminate the 2nd amandment. They all signed a letter stating clearly if they believed the law he was trying to push was Unconstitutional they would not enforce the law. Guess that pissed him off. At present all the sheriffs are still active on their posts.

Somewhere it is said that there will be no peace till there is justice. Guess we'll not be seeing any peace anytime soon.