Have A Merry DeGrowth Christmas--Boycott Black Friday


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I think "Black Friday" is a relatively new contribution to the bag of political ("public") holidays -- some to aggrandize war, most others to promote religiosity. It is important for psychopaths, who claim jurisdiction over unwashed masses, to keep them buying, selling, trading and producing. Religion is an important medium to that end.

All kinds of thieving schemes, such as fiat "money", can be floated about for centuries if you can keep 'em gyrating and celebrating.

And that makes this upcoming political holiday an eerie paradox. Because it is almost heretical to NOT "celebrate Thanksgiving" -- one could be disfellowshipped from that mindless abstraction called "society" by not at least nodding to a deity and sitting down with family and friends to turkey and all his "trimmings".

And now, in the last ten years or so, "Black Friday" gets trotted out unabashedly as an incestuous sister to Thanksgiving. Prior to Black Friday, religionists were compelled to simply stuff their self-righteousness and celebrate -- never openly acknowledging the fact that agents of state and agents of religion had set the Thanksgiving phenomenon in motion specifically to spike the economy during the doldrums of Saturnalia.

I mean, we couldn't neglect to be thankful, now could we?

I can remember even as a small child wondering how the name "Good Friday" came into being for Chr-stians to "celebrate" what was accused as the Jews' murdering of an individual incorrectly called "Jesus". Young Israelites find themselves broaching weird puzzlers. I thought at the time "Bad Friday", or "Black Friday" (back when race mentality hadn't yet been plagued with removing "black" from the language) would be more appropriate.

The enormity of the truth is incredible.