Happy Repeal Day!


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Not so sure it's happy repeal day. Once upon a time a long time ago there were not taxes or limitations to moonshine. It was an economical way for the people to get their product to market. But Jabba the Hutt moved in to tax it to pay for the war was completed in order to pay off debts. Well. So we have open booze, a good barter commodity for the days to come, but look at the expense these distilliries have to pay. $200,000, bond, in North Carolina it is a $14,000 + a month tax to the state then there's the federal stamp required. A $30.00 bottel of gin you guess $20 minimum to state and federal per bottle. Happy Booze day. Not really.

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That could be a powerful introduction to the difference between lawful and legal. Thanks, Glock27.

Another example is, it is perfectly lawful for a free man, i.e. an unincorporated man, i.e. a man who is not a member of a body politic to grow[1]/smoke marijuana, but it is illegal for a man who is a member of a corporation, (i.e. a citizen), to do so, without his master's permission.

And, it is perfectly lawful for a free man to carry a concealed self-defense weapon, but is illegal for a United States citizen to do so, without permission from his master.

[1] The land, too, must be "unincorporated".