Guns, Security, and Liberty


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"The lack of critical thinking in the aftermath of these events never ceases to amaze me."

Actually, I think that there was plenty of critical thinking done by the 'Administration'. I believe that they considered very carefully how they could best use this incident to their advantage, and how to use the bodies of 20 small children as currency to buy the legislation that they've been wanting to enact for quite some time now. In short, I think that the only 'emotional thinking' that happened in the wake of this was done by the tens of millions of folks who simply too everything at face value and actually believed that Mr. Obama's crocodile tears were anything but the theatrical tool that they were.

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mjack you are good. Tear ducts don't come out of the sides of the eyes.
Recently I took a course in preperation for an etended CPL carry into Gun Free Zones, but the Govenors balls froze and vetoed the bill because he is a moron. I do not see how you can reach into the minds of idiots. If strict gun laws worked those kids would have never been shot, but the shooter didn't give a S*t about the gun laws did he. As long as "Criminal empowerment Zones" exist we are going to have more an more murders because they are the safest place to carry out the action. Banning guns will only increse the opportunity for criminals and mad men and women.